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Our Popular Casino Tables


This is the most widely played casino game in the world. Played with one or more decks of fifty two cards, this game is a comparing card game in which the players compete against the dealer and not with each other. The aim of the game is to reach twenty onepoints or to reach a score higher than the dealer without exceeding twenty one. At a casino blackjack table, the dealer faces five to seven playing positions from behind a semicircular table. At the beginning of each round, up to three players place their bets in the betting box at each position in play.


This is a popular card game with betting and in which a person plays individually. The winner is decided by the ranks and combination of the cards. Poker differs a per the cards that are dealt. Each player on the table is betting that the hand he or she has will be the highest ranked. The action then proceeds clockwise around the table and each player in turn must either match the maximum previous bet or fold, which makes the player loose the amount bet so far and all further interest in the hand. A player who matches a bet can also increase the bet. The betting round ends when all players have either matched the last bet or folded.


This comes from France and literally means a little wheel. In this game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether the number is odd or even. To determine the winning number and color, a croupier or dealer spins a wheel in one direction, then spins a ball in the opposite direction around a tilted circular track running around the circumference of the wheel. The ball eventually slows down and falls on to the wheel and into one of thirty seven thirty eight colored and numbered pockets on the wheel as per the type of Roulette being played. The dealer will then place a marker, also known as a dolly, on that winning number on the Roulette table. When the dolly is on the table, no players may place bets, collect bets, or remove any bets from the table. The dealer will then sweep away all other losing bets either by hand or rake and determine all of the payouts to the remaining inside and outside winning bets. When the dealer is finished making payouts, the marker is removed from the board where players collect their winnings and make new bets. 

Texas Holdem

This is a variation of traditional poker and can be characterized by some typical game terminologies that are from Texas. It consists of two cards being dealt face down to each player and then five cards called community cards being placed face-up by the dealer. Then are a series of three flop cardsthen two additional single cards with players having the option to check, bet, raise or fold after each deal. Players compete for an amount of money or chips contributed by the players themselves known as pot. Because the cards are dealt randomly and outside the control of the players, each player attempts to control the amount of money in the pot based either on the hand they are holding, or on their prediction as to what their opponents may be holding.

Lucky 7

This is a dice game where the host throws 2 dice and the players bet on 3 numbers – numbers below 7, number 7 and numbers above 7. On numbers below and above 6 the players get double their stake and on 7 the players get 5 times their stake. For example if i bet 100 bucks on “below” and 7 comes, I will lose, but if 6 comes, then i win 200 bucks. Similarly if someone has betted 100 bucks on 7 and if 7 comes, he wins.

Open Flush

Players A, B , C & D are playing the game. they all put 1 unit on the table and D deals. Player A decides to play blind and puts one more unit. Player B sees his cards and folds. player C plays blind and bets one unit. Player D looks at his cards and puts in 2 units (the minimum amount), the current stake remains at one unit. Player A raises the stake by putting in 2 units. Player C looks at his cards and folds. player D puts in 4 units (the minimum amount for a seen player since A chas raised the current stake to 2). Player A decides to look at his cards, and having done so he puts in 4 units and asks for a show. Player D shows his cards and the winner takes it all.

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